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MTS Datacard review in Kolkata

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    Default MTS Datacard review in Kolkata

    Hello Guys,

    Kindly give a current review on MTS Mblaze in Kolkata as I am thinking of taking one.

    I took a BSNL EVDO but it failed awfully!!! Hence the change.

    How about the following:
    a) Actual download speeds in 3.1 mbps modem.
    b) Customer Support
    c) Usage Limit
    d) Others problems or good points if any.

    Also would request you to suggest comparison with Tata Photon+ and Reliance Netconnect on same grounds.

    Thanking u in advance.


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    Reviews on the forum about MTS data card are quite good, I think even Admin is using a MTS connection. However like many others have mentioned and I have too a connection works differently in different locations so you can not relay 100% on reviews. The best thing would be to ask people living near or even a local shop near your house to which connection works best in the area.

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    I am not having a good experience with MTS so not sure what to say. Check reception and network quality where you live and ask locals to see if MTS works well in the area before you spend money.

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