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MBlaze Ultra 999 40GB Plan – Data Throttling - Beware

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    Default MBlaze Ultra 999 40GB Plan – Data Throttling - Beware

    Hi, I live in Guindy, Chennai. With the Mblaze 40GB Data plan, be aware that there is a download limit of 20GB after which your torrent download gets throttled for the remaining 20GB.
    When you reach the first 20GB, regardless of what you download or how you download contents (either be it torrent/ IDM or even the right click >save as), your torrent download speed gets limited to 10KB/s after you cross your first 20GB limit.
    I wasn’t made aware of this by the sales person (typical…) or didn’t come across anything anywhere in the MTS website or anywhere else for that matter during my research. Disappointing!!!
    Be aware about this before you move forward with your purchase.

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    Sales people never tell you about these details, but it is something which should be mentioned by MTS. If you are using more than 20Gb data change the tariff plan if it is feasable for you.

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    Are you on the post paid plan or prepaid?

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    hi mts 999 40GB plan is waste morning 8 - 12 midnight - 20GB and balance 20 GB midnight 12 - 8am. what is use in 12am-8am 20 GB useless plan ..i confirmed with customer care . post 20GB speed throttled to 144kpbs. beware before buying

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