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MTS India revises Rs999

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    Default MTS India revises Rs999

    MTS has revised it's Rs999 plan for their postpaid users. Instead of customers getting 40GB data they will now get 30GB data for the same amount of Rs999. Another change which has been added is that the 30GB usage will be split into two 15GB during the day and 15GB during the night.
    I dont know whether this is a good move by MTS, but I know that many of the MTS users will not be happy with this change.

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    Instead of bringing in more customers this will move customers away from MTS and not attract new ones. The two different changes which MTS have made should not havebeen done and there should have only been one change if it was neccessary.

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    I have not renewed my MTS data plan as I had quite a lot of data remaining in my phone which I thought I would use up before the MTS renewal, but I dont think that this would be happening anytime soon. The point to where the data has been reduced is not good but ok but where the data has been split into day and night.

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