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Not able to connect Dominations game

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    Default Not able to connect Dominations game

    Am using MTS MBlaze Utra WiFi for last 1 year for different purposes. Recently I started play Dominations game for last 3 months, but from 24th August am not able connect the game. But am ablr connect internet as usual and browse, download and use any application without any issue. Anyone faced issue like that for different application or the same through MTS internet. Customer Care is helpless here. Thanks in Advance.

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    Customer Care can't do anything in this case. Because the issue is from your side. It's not easy to say what's the problem with your connection. You can do a few steps to solve the issue at your own. Firstly uninstall the game and re-install it. Now try to connect the game again, sometimes it's the issue of the game itself. If this doesn't solve your problem try connecting the game on a different PC. This will tell you exactly if the issue is from your PC. You can also try connecting on that PC using the same connection you use on your PC.

    These are the only steps you can do to fix your problem at your own. Other than these you can't do anything, but playing any other game.

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