MTS is going to rule the market with its new and unique plans which never existed in past, by introducing MTalk Tariff Plan that is unmatched in comparison to other players. Now MTS Delhi users will have the opportunity to enjoy lifetime validity plan getting new connection for Rs. 99 ONLY. It sounds unbelievable, but, you can feel the pulse of reality with outgoing calls being offered by the MTS MTalk plan at the rate of one paisa per two seconds.

To get familiar with this plan take out some time and read patiently as you are going to miss nothing but gain unlimited benefits. So what are you waiting for! Just sit and have a look:

* If you are a new use, you only have to spend a little amount of Rs. 99 for new SIM
* Once you have a new SIM, you will enjoy 10 rupees talk-time
* In addition, you will have the facility to talk from MTS-to-MTS ONLY FOR ONE PAISA/TWO SECONDS
* Moreover, to non MTS customers you can make a call FOR ONLY ONE PAISA/ONE SECOND
* STD call for no money ONLY FOR ONE PAISA/SECOND
* Send your SMS to your friends and family and wish them a sweet good morning ONLY FOR 50 PAISA/SMS
* Allover India, you can send your SMS ONLY FOR 1 RUPEE/SMS
* Wish a good luck to your kids abroad ONLY FOR 5 RUPEES/SMS
* Worried about incoming roaming call! Enjoy ONLY FOR ONE RUPEE/MINUTE
* Make unlimited outgoing calls ONLY FOR ONE RUPEE/MINUTE
* Now you can make STD outgoing roaming call ONLY FOR 1.50 RUPEES/MINUTE
* There is much more than your expectations. Just make to call (155) to the customer care number or click MTS website.

`Golden Benefits:


* Uses will be charged only for the duration, a call is made within. For example if you talk for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, you will pay only for this duration not for 3 minutes
* Users having MTS MTalk plan will be charged only .50 paisa/second and STD call will be charged only 1 paisa/second
* MTS offering its MTalk plan to most of the Indian States such as West Bengal and Bihar, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Kolkata, and Rajasthan.

If you are an existent MTS customer and are interested in migrating to new MTalk plan, you can without paying any extra charges. One you subscribe as a new customer to MTS MTalk plan @ 49, you will have 10 Rupees talk-time free.