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MTS MTS Movies

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    Default MTS MTS Movies

    MTS has a new service called MTS Movies which allows users to watch movies online from a wide range of movies and that too free.

    MTS has partnered with Shotz7 and there is a total of 800 short films to choose from along with new movie releases. The movies which are shown are in Hindi and in English. Soon down the line MTS will also provide movies in other regional languages as well which would include Tamil, Kannada, Bangla and Gujarati.

    MTS is slowing growing in the market, whether this will give another push it is not certain, but it is certainly trying its best to provide the best services to its customers.

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    Wathcing movies would use up a lot of data, I dont understand why MTS have launched such an offer, if they provided unlimited plans then this service would be appropriate.

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