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Compressed best songs

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    Default Compressed best songs

    I have compiled a list of nice songs that were very popular..
    there would be around 100 songs as i think i can upload for this month's docomo 2g recharge..

    i need someone who can upload compressed music like i do, the music must be old, (of or before 90s) so that it doesnt fk copy right policies as the new songs will do. i will give you the login to upload the songs..

    first what you need to do, is to compress a song with any good compressor so that the quality of music doesnt degrade too much.

    what i have uploaded are songs of 50s to 90s, and all kinds.. popular songs..

    National Anthem on Harmonica (170kbs only)

    (i know its not even close to the real tone, but this is what i can come up with an imperfect chinese harp.. and those beats are made by breath+tongue thanks NCP Wavepad editor)

    well can someone please come up with a good version of the ASCII Indian flag!!?
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