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Did you guys know about the Sexual Harassment Suit against Infosys?

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    Default Did you guys know about the Sexual Harassment Suit against Infosys?

    Phaneesh Murthy (Head of global sales and marketing for Infosys Technologies) quit Infy after a former United States employee, Reka Maximovitch, sued him and the company, contending sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

    Maximovitch alleges:
    "I was subjected to verbal sexual harassment, to unwanted sexual advances, and to visual sexual harassment."
    The organization failed "to take reasonable steps to keep harassment from occurring and recurring".
    Ms. Maximovitch, who had been Mr. Murthy's executive assistant, contends she was subjected to verbal and visual sexual harassment and unwanted sexual advances. She also contends that the company failed to take reasonable steps to keep the harassment from occurring and recurring.

    Later, Infosys closed the case with a $3-million out-of-court composite settlement.

    • 18 October 1999: Reka Maximovitch joins Infosys as Phaneesh Murthy’s assistant
    • December 2000: Reka Maximovitch quits Infosys
    • January-June 2001: Reka takes out two restraining orders against Phaneesh; of which she alleges at least one was violated
    • 17 December 2001: Reka files a case against Phaneesh Murthy and Infosys for "sexual harassment and wrongful termination"
    • January 2002: Phaneesh warns Nilekani of the possibility of a sexual harassment case against him and the organization. Says he is innocent and the company is not at risk
    • 23 July 2002: Phaneesh quits
    • 25 April 2003: Case settled out of court for $3 mn, payable in a month

    Everybody thinks Infosys is a good copmany with no bad track records.
    There's also a black spot on Infosys. They have no right to say anything Satyam or abt Satyam employees.
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    is she so beautiful???

    i hope she isnt another lewinski
    job takes the child away.

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    Yes. Was big news then.
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    of course every company have their own black spot.

    but what i feel is that infosys reacted about satyam because, this scandal may affect the progress of the indian IT firms.

    i dont think infosys overreacted.

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    holy cow!!! $3-million?? Dont u think its too much offense......but have any one in india ever got such out court settlement offer? (offcourse m talking matters related to women)
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    Indians never fight for their rights and are subjugated/censored if they do .... especially women

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    These things are so common these days in the corporate world.
    I wonder how many of these are actually true...

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