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Now, pants that absorb smell of people breaking wind!

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    Thumbs up Now, pants that absorb smell of people breaking wind!

    Fearing that too much gorging on spicy delicacies this festive season might leave you breaking the wind in front of anybody and everybody? Well, then here's a solution for the 'stinky' problem-pants that absorb the bad wind when people fart!

    Scientists at a US firm have developed strips of an activated carbon fabric, called Subtle Butt, which, when secured in underwear with self-adhesive strips, can neutralise the gas.

    The firm markets a range of products to tackle embarrassing human excretions, such as underarm sweat stains.

    Available at 6 pounds for five sheets, the product is flying off the shelves.

    A spokeswoman revealed that initially the strips were designed to combat sweat smells.

    But the firm's boss got the idea of its new use after catching a plane from Mexico.

    "The passengers had drunk a lot of beer and eaten too many fajitas. The owner had the idea that the fabric could be used to prevent the smells," The Daily Express quoted her as saying.

    "The strips are simply attached to underwear and will filter flatulence all day. Some of our customers say they have waited their whole lives for this product."

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    Wow...that should help some people in crowded

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    I certainly would like to gift to few persons

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