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The Main Polluters

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    We all know about the global warming and how the atmosphere has been affected by this .Those person not much aware about this please check the link Pollution in the environment. Now the question is who is main responsible for that is the industry base development in the some developed country now according to report the industrialized countries are the main responsible for carbon gas emissions in the atmosphere. Most of the degradation was historically caused by developed countries.
    The USA, with 4% of the world’s population, is the responsible for over 20% of all global emissions of greenhouse effect gases.
    Through the Kyoto Protocol, an international agreement promoted by the UN in February 2005, several industrialized countries committed to reduce in 5% their emissions of greenhouse effect gases by 2012 based on their emissions in 1990. The President George Bush’s government declined to sign the treaty. Opposing to such a decision, majors from hundreds of US cities committed themselves to reduce their own emissions .As a result climate of US is changing (also entire world) and the main question is now how we can protect the world ?

    But one think I can say proudly yes India has lot of internal problem (poverty, illiteracy) but still India will not be the reason for the end of the civilization compare to other developed country(according to rank). So we are still present in the world because every country is not a developed country but how long it will be…….

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    The US is well-known for its doubled standards throughout history.
    Its sad that our country approaches the US every time a problem with a neighbouring country crops up.

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    Still not much person aware for about environment and US and other developed countries are also not giving important but already day by day Green house gas compound is increasing in air and as a result regularly ice is melting in high rates in south pole.If this thing is going on then within a few year(15-20 Year) our civilization will face serious trouble to survive in the earth.

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    It doesn't make any difference if you put break on industrialization and create problems in other ways..but have to use resources in proper way and mostly use the solar energy. Nenotechnology is the other option, which will be used to develop things in a different way.

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