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Chandranarayan -1 images

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    Default Chandranarayan -1 images

    Hi all,
    I don't think there is a corner for ISRO related stuff. I think you guys should make one.

    I found which I feel is a beautiful gallery of some ISRO pics. of Chandranarayan-1 .

    Over the moon - Chandrayaan pictures

    If somebody finds some more it would be nice to know.

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    Cool pics.
    Anyone knows how long Chandrayaan I mission will last ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by powerdoc View Post
    Cool pics.
    Anyone knows how long Chandrayaan I mission will last ?
    The mission duration is 2 years starting from 12 November 2008 (Orbital insertion date).
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    Dr. APJ seems real happy with his old group. away from all the political mess.
    Is there any gallery available of other ISRO achievements?

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