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Can competition upgrade our skill and civlization ?

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    Default Can competition upgrade our skill and civilization ?

    We know that god create a human with so many varieties. Each an every person has different looking, and also different in thinking not only that every one has unique talent also has some different ability and disability with all together a society is build. But in this world we all have to go in same phase or arena like school, college, Office and so many.In every sector we have lot of mates but most them are trying to do better than the others and that the way we established our self in society and this era is all about the competition we all judge a person compare to other (like rank system).But main question is really this competitive way we can give mighty contribution to our civilization.

    Few point with support of the competitive process

    Competitive process is good for average skill student inspire from the other. With competition we can develop our skill day by day it will also help us to remove our metal laziness. Finally we always get some motivation to do better from other person. This process is approved by the society we all have to follow this for our carrier. At least this is the practical way to live in this world.

    Few point against the competitive process

    Now in this area I donít want to highlight about that competition can create a selfish person like other side effect. Just I am thinking about the major contribution of competitive process in this society. If we look to the history then humanís big invention the fire when most of the person doing the job but some one playing with stone and invent the fire. We all know how Newton had invented the law of Gravitation and also world famous poet Tagore never believes in methodical competitive process he never read school & college after fourth standard. So why we try to copy other we all have some uncanny ability just we have to find out that. We need to remember that our main our inspiration and main competitor is the nature & universe where still plenty of mystery is present.
    Can we find it in this way ?
    Friends reply your valuable comment.
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    Nice article!
    Have you written this all my yourself?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary4gar View Post
    Nice article!
    Have you written this all my yourself?
    Yes friend in the 21st evening i have written this.I have taken 1 hour for this article and i was thinking about this topic from last couple of days.

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    Well written rupu.

    In any field, competition has to be healthy.

    Parents have to stop pressuring their children, not only in studies but also in other fields
    A trend which has started recently is sending even kindergarten kids for tuitions.

    Now is it really needed at that stage ?

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    Yes actually i was really thinking that this competitive process what give us why we will compare our self with other parameter when we all have a special talent but we never study himself. Really this competitive way we can get average student but for special invention which will create a revolution in the universe can this system will give us how can we forget so many scientist never follow this method that time like Michael Faraday was a bookbinder and after the binding of book he got little time and for the time pass at first he read few books and suddenly he discover his scientist ability and then in the week end he used to follow Humphry Davy lecture finally he became a famous scientist.

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    well as per me....definately competition wud upgrade ur skills...but i am not sure about the civilization ...
    Dont count wat u lost, cherish wat u ve & plan wat to gain...coz past neva returns but future may return the lost! Think-Decide-Act!!!!

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