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Emergency Hot Lines go hi-tech

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    Default Emergency Hot Lines go hi-tech

    In New York, the hot line numbers like 911 and 311 now will be able to receive videos or photos from the callers. This was announced by the Mayor of New York, Michael R. Bloomerg. The New York Police Department now will be assisted in handling the crime cases. The relevant images sent by the callers will help them solve the case at the earliest. Further these images can be shared publicly depending upon the case. The information can also be shared with the other police officers patrolling, law agencies and detectives handling the case. Since many cell phones are equipped with camera these days, Mayor has requested the hot line number callers to use their camera’s to send the pictures or videos of the place of incident.

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    What if you call from a pay call-telephone booth..?

    Hmmm good idea anyway-Go michael- Its a quick help...

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