It is a hot seat. It is the place where J N Dixit excelled. M K Narayanan also brought glory to his office during his 5 year tenure. He now retires as National Security Adviser and is going to occupy the post of West Bengal Governer. Former Foreign secretary ShivSankar Menon is all set to take the office which was first created for Brijesh Mishra. Shiv Sankar Menon was formerly ambassador to Pakistan and China. In the era of upcoming China Mr. Menon is the best person to occupy this office. In depth knowledge about China and Pakistan is certainly an asset to become the National Security Advisor of India. China and Pakistan are the most prominent threats that India is facing and Shiv Sankar Menon is fit to the office. Hope he will succeed like his seniors. He also served his terms as ambassador in Israel, Srilanka, Japan and Austria.