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Commercializing BT Brinjal, a step towards disaster

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    Default Commercializing BT Brinjal, a step towards disaster

    Commercializing BT Brinjal, a step towards disaster

    Government of India recently commercialized cultivation of genetically modified brinjal which is now facing the heat form framers, scientists and NGO's. Genetic Engineering Approval Committee(GEAC) which mainly consists of bureaucrats and few scientists which cleared Bt Brinjal to be commercialized in India is only going to benefit MNC's who are into GM.

    The decision seems to be biased, how cheap and mean these bureaucrats can be just for personal gains they are exposing us towards adverse effects caused by these GM crops and foods which still needs to be declared safe world wide.

    Studies and research world wide have proved that these GM crops and food have adverse effects on human beings and animals.

    One of the NGO GREENPEACE is going for a World record: World's Biggest Baingan Bharta and protect Indian brinjal from toxic tampering.

    Support them by signing the Petition: "India should not allow our brinjals to be contaminated by corporations with American interests."

    DONT FORGET TO ADD YOUR Baingan--- BRINJAL Follow link:

    World?s Biggest Baingan Bharta just got bigger Say NO to Bt Brinjal

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    I am never in favour of genetically engineered crop. These people has no idea what kind of disaster it will cost.

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