It was an era of charismatic Rajiv Gandhi. He was seen as a great leader after the assassin of his mother Indira Gandhi by Khaliztan favourites. He was presented the matrydom during his election campaign in Sreeperumbatoor. Now after 19 years, his assassin may be set free. Nalina Sriharan spent around 19 years in jail to be verified for a premature release. An advisory body has been set up on this issue to consider her plea for an earlier release. The committee is headed by the district collector of Vellore. He said his decision will be passed on the government. State government may or may not reject the recommendation. According to state government source the final decision is to come from New Delhi.

Shriharan, who was arrested on June 14, 1991 was sentenced to death. He and his 25 member crew got the same penalty. Later the government considered Nalini’s plea and it was shortened to life imprisonment.