India is one of the prominent figure in the field of space and technology. America even called us a technological super power. India’s achievement is mind blowing in this field. It was India’s “ Chandrayan “ mission which confirmed the presence of water in moon’s atmosphere. All this missions are depended up on India’s rocket technology which positions these probes in to proper orbit. This is a task which requires high technical skill. Once an ISRO scientist quoted it as “ It is not just like igniting a match stick in the midst of hurricane but also keep it sustained. ISRO recently developed a power rocket booster called Solid Propellant Rocket Booster termed as S -200. The ground test was successful. The test was conducted in Sathish Dawan Space Centre in Sriharikotta. The booster which fills 207 Tonnes of liquild fuel was under scanner for 103 second find the test successful. India the third country after US and European Union to achieve this feat.