India is a vast country. We have large no. of ethnic groups in our country. Our country speaks more than 20 languages, eat different food, listen to different music and practice various kinds of dance and all. Nationality is a strong sentiment in India. From circket stars to film stars, all portray the national language and unity in diversity. Among the many factions available, the strongest are religion, caste and language. The country is divided in to state based on the language it speaks. Tamilian speaks tamil, Keralites speak Malayalam, Andra Pradesh speak telugu, Karnataka speaks Kannada. All these groups exist in harmony. Recently we have seen the telugana movement which is another form of factionalism country is facing. Siva sena and Maharastra Nav Nirman sena do not approve of large no of migrants in the state. They feel that Bhumiputras are deprived of chance when the outsiders grab the jobs and opportunities. The initiated a campign against north Indians. In a statement today RSS condemned these attacks and took a stand that it will never favour regionalism. I feel that it was one of the nice thing to do. However the BJP president of Marathi origin expressed his inability to respond to a news that he was not aware of.