Though twitter ranks in popular networking sites twitter is still not like by many people
Here are reasons why people donít like twitter

- people refuse to understand how a site which has no features of photo or video upload can be called a networking site !. But well twitter has other better ways of photo and video sharing.

- It is complicated to understand . No way I disagree twitter is one of the most simplest sites to use once youíve got your basics of what a hashtag , @reply, follower, following is

-140 character limit. People say 140 characters is not enough for networking. But trust me when you get used to twitter 140 chars will seem little lot!

-Its too public . Not really twitter has this feature of locking your accounts . which when used only friends can view your tweets

- Its for bloggers only. No twitter is a micro blogging site but it is not a network of bloggers. Many people I follow donít even have a blog but they spend time out there