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Bajaj Cheating their Customers.

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    Lightbulb Bajaj Cheating their Customers.

    By the Time in AUTO EXPO 2008 bajaj showed their new bike model in their 135cc segment and all the body and looks where different from other Bajaj bike, it was new born baby from bajaj...
    The bike had a stunning look, muscle body, sport look, had a different instrumental console and had a separate mudguard at the back and sporty 9 led tail lamp as found in Hero Honda cbz....
    The bike was expected to launch in the year 2009 and boom they released a crappy bike call BAJAJ xcd 135...
    It was a big disappointment for the lovers who were expected that bike to released at that time and I was very eager to buy that bike, because it was cheaper and had nearly a look of the Pulsar 200...
    Then Honda released from their CBR series the CBF stunner and that made a draw back for xcd 135...

    Then boom came the new arrival from the BAJAJ..
    Bajaj Pulsar 135.
    The Bike shown in AUTO EXPO 2008 was none other than BAJAJ XCD 135 sprint with 1st 4vavle engine technology first to launch in India..
    Then by the Time HONDA released their CBF stunner bajaj turned back to Puslar which was selling in large number Ratio and BAJAJ decided to change the name of XCD sprint to Bajaj Pulsar 135 and they gave it a new butterfly handle bar and new back tail light...

    Take a Look at the Picture Bellow Guys...

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    very nice
    Thanks you for the post.

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