hi if you guys have a google apps admin account. You can include this feature into your google apps services from market place.
what is does is, it does not send you unwanted spams as sms (that arrived on your email) but it will filter your specified "words","phrases' or even "domains" for example "gmail.com or rediff.com" or say you want to recieve sms alert(with full text) for your email that contains the word" job", "apply", "asap", or "urgent"..

you can also do some other helpful stuff like, SMS CONTACT FORM with which you can allow people to send you sms from a website(which you link in your homepage) and the sms will be sent to you..
the awayfind service is free, and there are some paid packages for the one who want more.

I have included this on my Google Apps services
link is here. You can also search for it from market place.