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Kolkata High court judge impeached

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    Default Kolkata High court judge impeached

    I always thought how people are impeached.

    What are the crimes and what sort of posts come under this type of process of removal of people who obtain a very high post, whose fate couldn't be decided at the feat of Judiciary.
    Justice Soumitra Sen impeached by Rajya Sabha on corruption charges - The Times of India

    Still, don't know the tip-n-toes of this case but a must read for someone who never seen an impeachment proceeding ever. (Coming on NDTV- COURTESY Rajya Sabha TV)
    First time ever in India.

    'Justice is same for all".
    job takes the child away.

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    Ok. Impeached!
    whom shall we appoint next?
    we are having a road side chat and decide on the next candidate.!

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