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How does a website make money?

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    Default How does a website make money?


    Obivious, the answer is advertisments!!
    But, who decides what the ad should be?

    Take the instance of IBF. My office internet is connected through our main office in Hongkong through VPN, and so if I do a ip check it says thay I am located there in HongKong though I am here in India. Accordingly the ads I see in IBF are Hongkong based. When I browse IBF from my home it shows the ads in India.

    So the questions are..

    1. Who decides the ads to be shown? The ISP?
    If ISP,. who gets paid? The ISP or the website owner?
    So, IBF mods, are you getting paid?

    2. The same question for adult websites! (Please don't misjudge me)
    How are those models getting paid? I dont think (as far as I go) no one pays to see a naked women, and I hardly remember seeing any ads in those sites.

    3. Is it possible that I start my server using a static ip from my ISP and some html codes, with my own desktop?


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    1. (you chose which kinds of ads will be seen on your webite)so the website owners earns for the ads.. Now this is a website about internet so admin must have selected internet ads as ads to be shown on the website.. sign up for google ads, and you can know what is there inside the admin dashboard.

    2. adult websites have paid members. premium members in other words..
    a) people who want to see HD content of a porn star will buy the HD files (which is actually a purschasable key or passworded stuff)
    b) we (i mean free trollers) basically see compressed images.
    c) dont think that premium members are very less.. they are high considering American market. they earn in dollars.. drm and all stuff, so its a good income.
    d)most of these porn stars have no other way to income, many are new to the business and its kind of portfolio for getting new highly paid consignments, so it is just a win-win for the hoster..
    e) i guess (not to offend someone) most of these porn stars show case themselves as such for their possible clients.. (hope you understand ;-) you may look about Hollywood Madams and Pimps on wiki if you are very interested.)..
    f) another guess, they are tracking your data using a form of cookie(which they probably do if you know some good softwares)

    3. yes.. check out at everything is free there.
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    they all earn from google adsense and advertising of other sites on their sites..still i confuse how google self earn income??

    we can understand that internet service provider earn...but still confuse how all website owner earn??

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    ISPs get revenue from internet usage of consumers.
    Website earns revenue from content (which attracts ads from contributors-businesses willing to advertise on their websites), some websites offer opensource solutions they ask for donations, some are paid services

    Websites have universal reach. They hit global markets. They bring close people about foreign products which tv doesnt do at all.. (TV is local media)
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    Its the google who rank your website depending on the traffic you get and value which your website to its visitor, that decide how many ads you gonna get from advertizers

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    99% of the ad's are controlled, displayed and placed via Google adsense. When you log in, Google servers know from your (real) IP address where you are located. When you go to Google, Google will redirect you to .com (USA), (India), (UK), etc. based on the DNS gateway. Same is true for the ad's that are displayed.

    Now internet ad's are just like ad's in printed media or the TV. When one company places an ad, it pays money to the agency (newspaper, TV channel, etc.). The company does not earn because readers/viewers see/read the ad. They earn money when consumers walk into shops and buy the product.

    Google adsense is slightly different. How is works can be found here: AdSense - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Websites make money from the ads displayed on their pages. Website owners partners with ad services such as Google Adsense, Chitika etc. and places ads on their pages. Income is generated from ad impression or ad clicks.
    Porn website earns money from the advertorials from similar websites and also from the membership.

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