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Credit Card Frauds

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    Default Credit Card Frauds

    Credit card frauds are popular in India, and just recently a man was arrested from Mumbai in connection with duping over 30,000 ICICI band credit cards holders.
    The 31 year old man posed as an ICICI bank employee and got all the customers information over the phone, claiming that there were unauthorised transactions being made on their card, and then asked customers to confirm their credit card number.

    This is the reason why you should never give away your credit card number over the phone to anyone.

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    Golden rule never ever give your credit card, debit card, bank details over the phone. I dont understand why people so easily give away their details.

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    Ive recieved calls from people statng that they are calling from my bank, but because of all this fraud going on I prefer not to talk to anyone over the phone, unless I call them up. Its just not safe to be discussing anything about your bank over the phone.

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