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Orkut to be shut down

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    Default Orkut to be shut down

    Anyone remember Orkut? You can maybe call it the first social networking site, which become very popular, and since Google+, Facebook, Twitter and the other networking sites started Orkut has lost its charm. Orkut is a networking site owned by Google and on 30th September 2014 they will be shutting down Orkut. After 30th September users will not be able to log in, view their photos or other tools.
    Orkut was launched in 2004 and was mostly popular in Brazil and India, there were very few people from the other countries who joined the Orkut community.

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    there are still some devoted users at least in India
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    Google has lost the social war with facebook. Might aswell shut it down.

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    Although Orkut didn't do well, Google + is still good I think, not as good as Facebook but its going to be better than Orkut. I think Orkut was a bit of a mess and there were hardly any privacy options.

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