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scanning snaps

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    Default scanning snaps

    on online forms we have to upload our own photo, according to form requirement of under
    50kb size.

    for that i first go to photo studio for print out passport size photo and then
    scan those snaps through scanner and saved in removable device. later then upload
    those snaps on forms. if photo studio off that day then i have to find another opened
    photo studio or wait for one day. what if next day is last day of submitting form.

    so my QUESTION is can i simply upload without scanning snap took from good quality mobile rather than
    digital camera. what is the difference between snap for mobile and scanned snap .
    if i cant upload mobile snap without scanning then can i online or some other way
    on pc scan snap from removable device.

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    If you have a good quality phone camera there is nothing wrong with using it, and editing it to look like the document has been scanned, so yes you can upload an edited picture without the need of scanning the document. You can back up the picture online and then download it unto the system you're using or directly to the sites server. The difference is that some mobile camera's aren't good quality and scanning is always of good quality and is like an exact replica of the actual document.

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