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Online Vs Offline Buying

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    Question Online Vs Offline Buying

    There was a time, when people were reluctant to buy something online. Stores were a hit among the commoners, who had a preference of selecting something only after having a direct scrutiny.
    However, things have changed over the years. Nowadays, people are more inclined to the e-commerce sites, where the range of item is more than the online stores. It saves the time, and hassle of travel to buy a good.
    What is your choice?

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    For all goods, except clothing, I prefer online shopping. In e-commerce sites, vast varieties of goods are available, where as in stores choices are limited. Moreover, discounts and offers are also available. E-commerce sites have a disadvantage also. That is, selecting a perfect size is very difficult.

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    I prefer to shop online. At certain online sites you can get items cheaper than in store. For me getting out is hard to do because of medical problems so it is more conveinant to shop from home. It also saves on gas. I like it to because I can shop whenever late at night or early morning when ever I feel the need to do so.

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    It depends. I use both online and offline shopping depending on the situation. For purchase of daily items like grocery I would prefer to go for offline shopping as most of them are perishable items. It is also a feel good factor to walk a little bit, chat with friends and visit a shop nearby.

    But nowadays online shops give incredible offers during festive seasons. If we miss to buy those things online that would be a real loss then. I depend on online stores usually for purchase of gadgets, clothes, car accessories etc. My favorite store is eBay. They are very prompt to me. Once I paid for an item which was not not available in their stores. I got my money back within a few days. My experience with eBay has always been delightful.

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    I also tend to use both online and offline shopping, depending on what it is I'm actually shopping for.

    I find that most electrical items, even down to games and DVD's are usually cheaper online, but when it comes to clothes or groceries I'd still rather prefer to buy in-store as opposed to over the internet.

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