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Apple to offer Disney movies for download from iTunes

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    Cool Apple to offer Disney movies for download from iTunes

    SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL : AAPL , , ) said Tuesday it will offer Walt Disney Co. movies for customers to download from Apple's iTunes online store. Apple will sell new releases from Disney studios such as Pixar, Miramax and Touchstone for $12.99 in the first week, and for $14.99 each thereafter. Most movies from Disney's library will be offered on iTunes for $9.99 each. Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs, at a media event in San Francisco, said the movies can be played on the company's new iPod as well as on any computer that has iTunes software.

    Please post ur comments on this bhai...

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    one thing is for sure i love movies by Disney-Pixar studios

    so i will be looking forward to this !!

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