Twitter now has launched a new feature called local trends . Trending topics is a very salient and cool feature of twitter which shows the most talked about topics at the point of time. Twitter will now show region specific trending topics.

This way twitter is giving users more ways to find tweets or information specific and useful to them. But as of now only six regions are available namely USA, cannada, Ireland, UK, mexico and cannada along with 15 cities. With more regions to be added soon.

Trending topics are an important part of twitter delivering breaking news but local trends and news rarely make it to trends especially news from countries who don’t have majority tweeps.

It is quite difficult to find people from your region on twitter but this new addition should make it easy. Also when an Indian topic trends I seem be on twitter all day so when I have only Indian trends then I may well end up being more addicted to twitter so better for twitter but well for that waiting for twitter to add India as one of the locations .