After a flop show with google wave now google has launched google buzz which is an integration with gmail . This new feature is supposedly to combat competitiveness from facebook and twitter . If this will really be able to give competition to social networking sites will be thing of future for now iam really pissed off with google.

Innovation are good infact great but well what if they are done everyday ?? Donít they loose sheen?? that is what google is doing Real time search (most results are irrelevant) a browser turned into an operating system, a hardware launch (nexus one) and what not Google buzz doesnít impress me atleast as of now. Why has google auto followed people on my behalf ?? Google is also revealing my personal contacts list to all isnít there anything called privacy !

Yeah there is this unfollow and privacy feature but well do I have no better work !! Now for this new innovation I got to try and find out if there is a way to disable this feature coz for me email is strictly for private talks meant with not more than one person ! For this reason I have separate mail accounts for networking sites and one for personal chat n now google takes over my life that too without my permission