Internet giants Yahoo! are collaborating with news service Reuters to launch a new service, which accepts content from the web users, which can be used on their news reports.
They are going to launch this service named Witness News that would accept photos taken by regular people who might get access to critical news events in their day-to-day life.
William Ho, senior analyst at research firm Current Analysis spoke on this initiative: “Given that the American public is used to turning over phones every 18 months or so, they’re getting access to better and better cell phones with camera technology. Given that, it does make sense for Yahoo and Reuters to get together on something like this, because the capability is slowly emerging into the market for handsets.”
The service is not going to pay the content submitters any form of reward at the moment but they are considering paying some kind of a royalty fee once the service becomes popular and if they end up selling the content to other services.