Software Company Microsoft has launched yet another Live branded service and this time they are taking on Google’s Book Search service.
The company said that this US test version of Live Search Books is already featuring tens of thousands of out-of-copyright books. These include works held by the British library and major universities in the United States and Canada.
A company spokesperson said: “Live Search Books is advancing the way people search online by digitizing and indexing information from the world’s printed materials. There is a lot of trusted and authoritative content that can only be found in books today. We want to make that content accessible to people who are using Live Search.”
Microsoft’s project director Cliff Guren added in a blog post: “With this initial release we’ve focused on making the reading experience as natural as possible. The US beta launch of Live Search Books is a big step forward in advancing the way people discover information through the integration of content that has been off-limits to the traditional search experience, until now.”