Search engine giants Google has said that they might be launching non-search services in the market but the search engine continues to remain a priority for them.
The company said that the online search tools are still not good enough and there is still enough room for improvement.
A senior executive with the company Douglas Merrill said in a statement to a media group: “Our position is that search is a very hard problem. We have still a lot of work to do.”
With both Yahoo! and MSN continuing to improve their search engines, Google would have to continue to innovate to stay ahead of the competition. They already power almost half of all search queries in some of the most connected nations in the world and they still want to improve.
Merrill added that 70% of the company’s activities are still involved around improving their search engine quality. He said: “It is not enough to have the information, the information should be right. Sometimes the problem is figuring out what the users mean not what the user said.”
The search engine company is also working hard on improving their language translation services as it enables the information to be available in multiple languages making it more universally accessible to the web user.
Google is often criticized for launching services, which are incomplete. Attaching the beta label to a product or service makes it easier for them to get user feedback to solve the bugs in the application. However, Google said that the aim is to get the feedback from the user to see where they are getting the things wrong and fix them before the service is launched for the generic web user.