ISRO disappointed as launch of INSAT-4C failed
It is a huge setback for the Indian satellite research program. The launch of the INSAT 4C satellite has been unsuccessful as the rocket carrying the satellite veered away from its normal trajectory within moments of the launch.
The scientists at the launch center had no option but to get the rocket to self-destruct and disintegrate. The debris of the satellite and the rocket fell into the Bay of Bengal.
G Madhavan Nair, ISRO Chairman spoke on the failure of this launch program: “There has been a mishap in the first stage. Things have gone wrong in the stage of separation. We have to analyze the data why it went wrong.”
The mission was critical for the Indian space agency as it was the first satellite launch program taking place from the Indian soil. A successful launch would have increased capacity for direct-to-home satellite television services, meteorological imaging and digital pictures for improved mapping of the sub-continent.
Nevertheless, we at TechWhack are pretty sure that the Indian Space Research Organization scientists won’t give up hope and would be back with a successful launch in the coming years. They always have!