Japanese automaker Toyota continues to perform well in the US market as they have overtaken Ford to become the second largest player in the US market.

Ford saw their sales falling by around 10 percent compared with the same period last year. The company also recently slashed its production outlook.

General Motors however performed well as it reported a 6 percent rise in sales. Daimler Chrysler also posted a 3 percent increase. Nissan posted a disappointed sales figure as it sales were down 1.6 percent.

Toyota continues to impress the market analysts as their November sales rose 15.9 percent. The company sold 196,695 vehicles in the United States in November. Ford managed to sell just around 182,259 units.

Ford Chief Internal Sales analyst George Pipas spoke on these figures: “We’re focused on returning our business to profitability in North America, full stop. I wouldn’t want to comment on sales rankings … It’s just not that important right now.”