Germany based luxury automobile manufacturer Porsche have revealed their strategy for the Indian market.

The company has opened up their first retail outlet in the country in Delhi and is also planning to expand into other major cities including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh and Chennai.

Porsche is aiming to double its sales in India to over 200 cars in the next calendar year. They are planning to source these cars from completely built units (CBUs) imported from their German factories.

The company would continue to focus on the popular Cayenne SUV, which has already sold more than 130 units in the Indian market. They are also planning to bring in the four-door coupe Panamera in 2009.

Mohamed Rahman, manager after sales, Middle East and Asia Porsche spoke about their Indian plans: “The market for luxury cars is going to grow steadily in India. A lot of people have money and we hope to tap them for our luxury cars.”

Porsche, is going to provide a range of cars to entice the creamy rich layer of customers. The company shall import - Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne and Carrera – also their different variants.

The company is targeting around 25,000 potential consumers from the Indian market. . “We are aiming at these people, who can afford to buy a Porsche or other ultra-luxury car. It will, however, take us a few years to reach a significant level in terms of sales,” said Rahman.