US based Boeing has said that they expect new demand for planes as the fuel prices has risen all around the world. Boeing is hoping that more airline operators would now go in for newer and more fuel-efficient models.

Alan Mulally, Boeing’s commercial aircraft chief said in a statement: “U.S. carriers’ fleets are aging quickly and rising fuel costs will bring them to the market for new planes sooner than expected.”

The company is building their 787 Dreamliner using carbon fiber composites, which is lighter than aluminum used normally. This decreases the weight leading to better fuel efficiency for the aircraft.

Boeing believes that this new plane would be about 20 percent more fuel efficient than the Boeing 767 it will replace.

Boeing is also working hard on getting their engineers to produce airliners faster and cheaper as they received record orders last year for new aircrafts. And they have a brilliant chance this year to overtake Airbus in acquiring the maximum number of orders during the current year.