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Michael Jackson---MJ’s BAD

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    Default Michael Jackson---MJ’s BAD

    Michael Jackson---MJ’s BAD

    It really shocked me a lot when I got the news that MJ passed away. I was surfing online when the news popped up suddenly on my PC and made me puzzled. “Is it a virus?” It was the first idea came to my mind. Then I clicked in and went through other news sites and found it true. “The King of Pop’s era freezes forever on June 25.”, that’s the second idea came to my mind. I would say that he called an end to an era, the era of “the King of Pop”. It seems that all the fans and about-to-be fans were in grief, especially the ones who were expecting to attend his tour in London. But now this king was gone.

    Looking back on his albums and songs, is my favorite since he grew out of his Childness and had Attitude then. It is the seventh studio album by MJ which was released on August 1, 1987 by Epic/CBS Records. 20 years after its release, the album has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. Bad is the first, and currently only, album ever to feature five Billboard Hot 100 #1 singles. There’s no doubt that he was a talent and king in the pop world. On my iPod, this song is always there and never changes. And it will I also love the and the Bad Tour, although I only watched some videos of that.

    This tour was the largest tour done by a solo performer. It created huge press and media coverage across the globe. The attendance was about 4.4 million. During this tour his concert at Aintree was a sellout with a turnout of 125.000 people. When the tour concluded it grossed a total of $125 million, adding two new entries in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest grossing tour in history and the tour with the largest attended audience.
    At last, I should say, “He was the legend.” Now he was a true “lost child”. There won’t be new MJ singles, new MJ Albums, new MJ tours any more. All we can do is to and get as many copies as we can. Someday, when we are going through stuffs in our old magazines, CDs, DVDs, PC, or portable devices, and hit an MJ news, an MJ song or album by chance, we will get into deep thinking of what happy times we had with his great music. Let’s wish him a peaceful and wonderful life in the heaven. There will be no rumors, prejudice, or diseases.

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