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iDrive Auto Online Backup

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    Default iDrive Auto Online Backup

    iDrive is the oldest backup service which has been established since 1997. iDrive allows you to have 2GB of free space to backup using a small downloadable installer, which synchronizes with its online server. The auto online backup allows you to set the backup time and simply leave the rest to it happen online automatically.

    The 2GB space may seem less, but its good for any word, excel, powerpoint documents and presentations.
    But there is more if you want free 10GB space then you can do so, if you giving 5 email addresses of people you know or putting a banner or widgit up of iDrive and advertising.

    The speed depends on the users internet service and speed not the backup service. The servers from iDrive are very fast, and depending on your internet speed your upload speed will be slower than your download speed.
    iDrive backup every 10 minutes and recognizes the changes and adopts the changes online.

    Seems quite good, anyone use the services from iDrive?

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    I use
    It gives 5GB space and the option to allow selective sharing of files over the internet.
    Only drawback is that files need to be manually uploaded
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