The district police of Lucknow organized a power point presentation displaying biometric technology tools invented by a private software firm. These tools would help in controlling the menace increasing at cyber café’s these days. The system is named as ‘Cyber Café Monitoring System’. It records the fingerprints of the person who is using the workstation. The director of the firm, Anuj Kacker, displayed the technology to the owners of cyber café. The device that is used to record the fingerprints of the workstation user is a US-made thumb scanner. The system also has features like taking snapshots, and recording name and other relevant details about the user along with the IP address. Its cost is Rs.6,800/- with additional charges for services of Rs.200/-. This main system will be connected to the main server system of the cops, thus, if this system is installed in all the cyber café’s it would alert the police department instantly of any violation.