Yesterday evening around 7:15 PM, a bomb exploded at one of my favourite hang-out places in Pune. I used to frequent German Bakery during my college days on weekends. It's primarily a spot where many foreigners visit because it's situated just opposite to the famous Osho Ashram of Pune.

9 persons including 5 women were reportedly killed in the blast. Around 3 are critical among the 40 on the injured list. Indian Mujahideen is suspected to have direct hand in the blast with backing from foreign outfits. As per the information available online, Maharashtra Police was alerted by IB on 12th October. However, this couldn't prevent the attack.

The blast took place near the kitchen of the German Bakery when a waiter tried to open an unidentified object. I am feeling deep sorrow. As this was the place where I used to make a first stop before proceeding to other happening places in Koregaon Park. It was almost kind of a ritual for me and my friends. I also worked as a promoter for Marlboro for a week in German Bakery. There I found that among foreigners, Indian Beedi was more popular than any brands of Ciggerate. I'm sad because the exuberance of Pune may have taken a hit, atleast for sometime. I hope that we'll bounce back and be more alert than what we used to!

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