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Wii Fit

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    Video games have been one of the favorite pastimes of the newer generation especially among the youngsters. There have been widespread issues pertaining to videogames, one of them being video games tend to be unhealthy for youngsters, due to the sheer amount of time which they present in front of the console or personal computer playing games. Nintendo saw this shortcoming of video games as an excellent alternate method for recreation and this Wii Fit was born. Basically this is a video game is an exercise game which has been exclusively developed for the Wii console. It was officially and initially released on Japan in December 2007. The game makes extensive use of the Wii Balance Board.

    The weight of the user coupled with the centre of gravity of the user can be measured using the Wii Balance Board. The BMI or the body mass index is roughly calculated when the height of the person is input in the console. Wii Fit is a collection of more than 40 activities which include Yoga and Pushups. Fitness levels can be tracked and compared using the Wii menu database. Wii Fitness Age is also revealed in the process. Basically the activities are classified into four; they are balance games, yoga, strength exercises and aerobics. One of the unique features of these is that the console provides an overall workout and doesn’t cause over excursion on the body of the player. Only some of the activities are unlocked during the initial stages, the rest has to be unlocked by gaining FitCash. FitCash is collectively accumulated on FitPiggy. FitCash gain is purely based on the amount of time spend to do a particular activity. And the amount keeps on changing. Imperial and Metric Units have been incorporated in the game so as to cater to the masses worldwide. This can be altered in the Localization Settings present in the game.

    The game has been received with a good response all over the world. Many gaming websites and magazines had given the game a good rating. Some of the game sites have reported that the game induced certain levels of cheating in the players and points can be accumulated in a shorter span, unlocking the whole game within a span of a few hours. Another issue which rocked the popularity of the game was originated in UK. The BMI was wrongly listed for healthy people and this caused much uproar. Although the game was initially only released in Japan, it had rocking sales of the order of millions within a week of its arrival. Preorders were taken worldwide and the game was reported sold out within minutes of its inception in the UK and the US. Nintendo tried hard to keep in par with the supplies and have succeeded to a larger extent in satisfying the demand of the game. The game was also coupled with Wii in many stores and this had caused in the increase of number of Wii consoles being sold worldwide.

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    I have a Wii but I've not yet bought the Wii Fit. I'm just not convinced that it will offer me a true way to loose weight and lower my BMI.

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    Most of the games are taking the virtual gaming route in order to increase activity based gaming. KOOL