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Pokemon Mystery: Explorers of the Sky preview

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    Default Pokemon Mystery: Explorers of the Sky preview

    Nintendo DS is getting yet another Pokemon game with “Explorers of the Sky” releasing on October 12. A feature packed adventure game will be available on Nintendo DSi platform as well.The game will feature 19 different Pokemon characters. Five starter Pokemons are also included in the game as a roaster addition. In all, there are more than 490 Pokemons that you can come across in the game. Players will have to play as their selected Pokemon and form a team with a partner Pokemon. Your aim in the game will be to save the world from destruction.Other additions of the new Pokemon game include Special Episodes that reveal further secrets about mysterious characters in Dungeon world. Gamers can trade in-game items and share a dungeon room with fellow players. Local internet connection will play a major part in the game as local players can interact with Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. Special missions can be played with such online play and you can ‘rescue fallen friends’ through such missions.

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    In card games Pokemon did catch a good trend more than a fad hope the nintendo version too keeps it to the gamer enthusiast level.

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