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Nokia launches e-waste management initiative

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    Nokia launches e-waste management initiative

    Mobile users can dispose their old handsets and accessories in the company’s stores.
    To promote recycling of electronic waste, Nokia India launched a 'Take Back' campaign from January 1 where customers can drop their old handset in the company’s stores and win gifts.

    The take-back campaign is aimed at educating mobile phone users on the importance of recycling e-waste and will be rolled out in phases across the country.

    As a part of this initiative, Nokia encourage mobile phone users to dispose their used handsets and accessories such as charges and handsets, regardless of the brand, at any of the recycling bins set up across Nokia Priority Dealers and Nokia Care Centers.

    Nokia India will plant a sapling for every old mobile handset or accessory deposited with its dealers or customer care centres in this tech hub from Jan 1

    A Nokia survey across 13 countries has showed that only a mere 17 per cent of the cellular users in India were aware that the handset could be recycled. The awareness quotient was the lowest in India.The company will be planting a tree for every handset dropped into these recycling bins and giving out a surprise gift as well.

    The highlight of the survey was that despite the fact that people on an average each owned around five phones; very few of these were being recycled once they are no longer used. Only 3 per cent said they had recycled their old phone.

    Instead the majority, 44 per cent, are simply being kept at homes and never used. Others are giving their mobiles another life in different ways, passing on their old phones to friends or family or by selling their used devices.

    Globally, half of those surveyed didn't know phones could be recycled like this, with awareness lowest in India at 17 per cent and Indonesia at 29 per cent, and highest in the UK at 80 per cent and 66 per cent in Finland and Sweden.

    The take-back campaign aims to increase awareness of the concept of recycling. If people no longer need their mobile devices, they can bring it back to Nokia for recycling and it can put it to good use - 100 percent of the materials in the phones can be recovered and used to make new products or generate energy.
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    i just logged in to post this news, but you did it very soon.
    simply superb.
    we have to do, awareness to all the users about this initiatives.

    so i will post a poll for this.
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