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Memory card error

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    Default Memory card error

    Guys i have got a peculiar problem facing with my Micro sd 1gb card.
    I have a R.P(delhi local)1gb card micro sd working very efficiently on my mobile nokia 3110c. I have about 200mb of data on it. Mostly mp3s and some ten videos. And about 50 applications.the card works flawlessly on the phone without any hazzles in reading and writing.

    I took out my card and with a micro SD adaptor wanted to work on it on my portable media player(yup!the chinese one)
    the card is not showing on the pmp. And when i opened to change settings to read the SD on it. The menu of the pmp failed to open. :-@
    the menu was jammed. So i resetted the player and took the card off from it.
    I was shocked,but i again logged it in my mobile and its working again nicely on it
    can someone please clarify this error?

    I think its an inbuilt error of the media player which is not allowing it to read so much stored data. My media player has 3gb support. With 2gb external SD and 1internal flash drive.. Please help. I want to copy on my media player the files from the s.d. I wont use the computer for it.(rule )


    P.s:- i have put the memory card in the player before. But that time data was less than was working nicely that time.

    Guys please help me.
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