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WaveSecure - Anti-theft Software for Nokia Mobile Phones

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    WaveSecure - Anti-theft Software for Nokia Mobile Phones

    Twenty million people lose their phones every year. For the consumer who misplaces or is robbed of an S60 device, this can mean more than the loss of a piece of hardware. It can mean the loss of contacts, data, and personal information to someone who might use this information maliciously. This is where WaveSecure, a client/server anti-theft software solution, enters the picture. WaveSecure provides advanced locking, tracking, and monitoring systems to help you recover your valuable S60 device. It also offers complete and automatic backup of personal data, ensuring that you always have a backup copy without any extra effort. It also protects your privacy with auto-lock features and remote wipeout of all personal data.

    If a thief has your phone, it's rendered worthless when WaveSecure remotely locks down the device. On the other hand, in case the phone has been found by a well-meaning person, the software sends a short message service (SMS) message to the device giving instructions on how to properly return it. The software can also remotely sound an alarm on the lost S60 device, making it quite noticeable to anyone within earshot.

    WaveSecure also tracks all new subscriber identity module (SIM) cards that are inserted into the lost phone, and it sends an SMS Alert to a chosen buddy system.

    WaveSecure can also be set to auto-lock the device when the SIM card is changed. Beyond the issue of device loss, WaveSecure addresses data and privacy loss.

    The WaveSecure client software backs up your personal data onto the secured WaveSecure server, allowing you to retrieve that information after the loss of your phone. The backup can be remotely triggered even after you lose the device.

    In addition, WaveSecure can wipe out your personal data on the lost phone, so that others cannot use it to their advantage.

    WaveSecure is available for N96, N79, N85, E51, E66, E71, E90, Xpress Music 5800 (More than a dozen devices to be announced soon!)

    I am using this software. I came along with my N79. Must say, its a wonderful application.

    Download: WaveSecure
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    Great software but why limit software to india sim?
    How can i activate from Nigeria?

    Patrick Elisha

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