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3110c card :which best?

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    Default 3110c card :which best?

    i have a Nokia 3110c phone. And i have a Kingston'S 2gb micro sd card in it. There are no problems. But i wanted to know that which card is best to store atleast 10 movies(each 100mb)which are 3gp. I know how to convert movies to mobilable 3gp videos. But i also wanted to know how can i shrink the 100mb files to even smaller(~80mb)
    right now i have 5movies. 1.5hours each. The problem arises when i want to rewind or forward the movie in the half time. It doesnt do or takes alot of time.
    So i have basically two questions 1.a better card for keeping numerous movies on this mobile
    2. Compression rate at which the movie(3gp format only pls)wont loose quality. Pls reply
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    Had no problem so far using SanDisk 1GB card. And try Total video converter sw...

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