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Earn Rs 30 per hour GUARANTEED, payment will be sent everyday. Genuine opportunity.

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    Smile Earn Rs 30 per hour GUARANTEED, payment will be sent everyday. Genuine opportunity.

    Hi Dear Friends, Its not much but still enough for our pockets, Read fully.

    Hi Friends,
    I have come up with an exciting offer to earn money on internet, I will not give all details here as its against the rules, but I will tell you some important things,
    1. I will pay you daily in evening so that you all can trust me. I will pay you through paypal. You can withdraw money to your bank account by paypal.

    2. This offer is for 60 days, you will earn money for 60 days, from 1st June to 1st August.

    3. For spending 1hour on internet, you will get Rs 30 per hour, for spending 2 or more than 2 hours, you will get Rs 32 per hour, for a maximum of 60 days i.e two months

    4. You should have a MTNL/BSNL, Airtel or any broadband connection which uses a external modem{ Internet which come through telephone line} You should not have static ip, your ip should be dynamic which changes everytime you on\off your external modem.

    You will get Rs 80$ or Rs 3840 if you will spend 2 hours per day in 60 days, and 38$ or Rs 1840 if you will spend 1hour per day. The rest depends on you, it will keep getting doubled with increasing working hours.

    You just have to click, its not a data entry or any complex work. There is no risk of scamming you guys as I will pay you everyday.

    I will give 60% of profit that I get from you for those who will dedicate 1hour and 70% for those who do it for 2 or more hours.

    Those who are interested, kindly email me, and tell me how many hours you can dedicate, I will reply you all on 31st May 2009 about the whole process, though it’s a boring job and you have to restart your modem 10 times in one hour and 20 times 2 hours.

    I would suggest you all to try the 1 hour, as its not much time consuming and you will get Rs 1840 i.e Rs 920 per month for actually doing nothing.

    I have my engineering entrance exam on 30th may, after it I will be free, so I will start this thing on 1st June.

    :rockon: Send me a personal message if intersested, i want to know how many are interested.

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