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    How does adding tags help SEO ? How can we add tags ?

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    I will reply to your question in complete detail... give me a day or two for now yes it helps in a big way especially on google.

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    Yes it greatly helps, if your website/vbulletin forum or phpBB forum is properly tagged and constantly updated with tags then your website will be fetching out in google search if someone searches for the similar tags ...

    The bot which comes to your site whether its from google or yahoo if tagging is done properly then the bot will take lesser time to crawl your site .... as a result more and more bots will be able to crawl your site in much lesser time just by reading the tags and your website starts going up and up in google....

    May be i am not able to explain in a much more clearer way but our Admin bhai is here he will do the explaning in a much more convenient and easy to understand manner..

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    Thanks Admin, Player

    Will look forward to the tutorial.

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