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Income Tax Refunds from USA, UK, and Ireland

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    Default Income Tax Refunds from USA, UK, and Ireland

    Take a chance to win 150 USD!

    Apply before December 23rd and WIN 150 USD plus FREE Tax Refund service. The first 5 lucky clients will be announced o*n 10th of November! The rest 25 will receive 150 USD o*n 23rd of December!

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    What kind of scam is this?

    Pleas don't follow this guy, you'll probably end up in Jail ;-)


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    Such posts should be deleted immediately. I have reported it.
    *** Never argue with an idiot. ***

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    @unregistered continues as guest in many threads.
    Facility being misused. Disable this service.
    No public data about this used can be accessed.

    Even if some one falls for the "trick" he may ask for your email.
    Condition: you have to post your email ID here in this thread.
    No email or PM to him ! Probably, he cannot contact you also
    with IBF facilities.

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